Spiritual Empowerment:

• Establishment of a modern church structure
• Discipleship
• Inner healing and deliverance ministry
• Hebrew Roots of Christian teachings
• Children’s ministry
• Youth ministry
• Distribute solar powered audio Bibles
• Christian drama and film outreaches
• Music concert outreaches
• Frequent overnight prayers
• Leadership training center

Economic Empowerment:

• Promote modern agricultural practices (Eradicating extreme hunger and poverty caused by traditional farming methods)
• Poultry farming
• Apiculture
• Horticulture
• Solar bakery
• Village Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO)
• Money management classes
• Tree farming (Ensuring environmental stability)

Educational Enlightenment:

• Build a school (Early childhood to P. 7. (Grade 6)
• Build a secondary school
• Build a vocational institute
• Build a children’s playground
• Build a community library
• Establish Adult Literacy classes
• Provide scholarships for bright disadvantaged children
• Special focus on girl-child education(Gender equality and women empowerment)
• Build a children’s museum

Sports Empowerment:

• Development of sports to harness local talent
• Use of sports as an avenue for ministry to the youth
• Launch and support Ayera United Football Club
• Launch and support Ayera Netball Club
• Construction of a playground with a football field, netball field, basketball field, and tennis courts.
• Construction of a modern recreational center with a gymnasium and a swimming pool.

Infrastructure development:

• Construct an 11 kilometer community murram road
• Sink water wells
• Construct water storage tanks
• Affordable Solar Power for lighting homes, charging phones, and operating radios.
• Set up a solar water pump for the community

Children’s home:

• Set up a children’s home that offers both long and short-term services to children who have experienced abuse, neglect, violence, abandonment, and/or are in need of supervised care
• Rehabilitation programs for abandoned children or victims of child molestation and child trafficking.
• Foster care program
• Establish a trauma counseling center

Medical intervention:

• Multidimensional integrative personalized medical intervention
• Establish a modern hospital (Reducing child mortality, Combating HIV AIDS, malaria and other diseases)
• Set up a maternity (Improve maternal health)
• Set up a dental clinic


• Set up a community radio
• Community internet services
• Develop local and global government and civil society partnerships for development

We believe that with appropriate interventions with local ownership, the people of Ayera can rise above poverty, ignorance, disease and spiritual darkness and be a model Millennium village in Uganda and beyond to the glory of God.